Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rumba at The Rockhouse

Saturday- March 7, 2015

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Radio la Chusma is BACK at The Rockhouse in Chuco Town! Don't miss another great night of music this time featuring the latin/rumba/flamenco rhythm of Tucsons Tesoro and the cumbia beat of local band Los Chamukos. 

Show time will be at 9:30PM (Doors will start charging at 9PM) $7 cover for 3 bands is a great price! Also The Rockhouse will be having beer specials $2 Mexican Beers (Dos Equis, Sol, Montejo, Tecate & Corona) as well as $4 BOMBS!! It goes without saying this is going to be a HUGE party on The Eastside of town!  Check out the music sampler below!!


TESORO - Flamenco/Rumba/Rock

Los Chamukos

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Reggae at The Rock House - El Paso, TX

Saturday Night in El Paso, TX


This will be Radio la Chusma's first show in El Paso for 2015, the band has been busy recording new music as well as traveling to Northern New Mexico and setting up more performances in Colorado, Arizona and California for Spring & Summer!

You can download the latest RLC song, a version of Mike Laure's Tiburon off iTunes & Google Play! 

Steady Shakedown - Wicked Woman

Blaze The Nation - Another Good Reason

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reggae at The Lodge in Santa Fe, NM

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Radio la Chusma & Mondo Vibrations are performing January 24th at The Lodge in Santa Fe, NM!

Flyer is self explanatory $7 cover, doors open at 9PM.  Mondo Vibrations will open up the night followed by Chuco Town Frontera Reggae band Radio la Chusma! If you have not heard either band please check out the video's and reverbnation profiles in the links!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Whiskey Avengers - Live


 I had the great pleasure to get to hear these guys a few years back off a compilation CD my friend Larry made of all their albums in Albuquerque.  Fast forward to last weekend, I was on tour with Radio la Chusma and we had a day off Easter Sunday/420 and we were in Ocean Beach, I was coming off a pretty sick hangover from the night before and was in need of a cold one.  Tower 2 was the closest bar I could see and it so happened they had live music on Sunday's, I was with a few of the guys in Chusma and they were starving so we walked in, I ordered a beer and fish taco (had a budget to stick to!) made a run to the head and BOOM flyer for Whiskey Avengers playing at 4:20 FOR FREE!!!

     Wasn't that difficult to stick around and hear a few songs.  I introduced myself after they finished setting up and turned out we had a lot of mutual friends.  RLC was staying with Double A from Warsaw Poland Bros in North Park and the guys from Whiskey Avengers (Clint, Stefan and Kevin) have known him for a while and it so happened the rhythm section was going to lay down some music with him later on that night at The Gaslamp.  Things would take on a more epic turn of events when after I heard a few songs we had a BBQ at Double A's and the guys showed up ate, drank a few beers and what not then Aaron asked me to come sit in on a few songs!  I think a couple of the guys in Chusma overheard and joined in on the jam session so we had Charly Chanclas and Jake come with and we piled into the van and headed down to The Gaslamp.

     I had a few drinks pretty much all day but overall I think I held my own with such heavy's, Clint and Kevin laid down some pretty dope rhythm behind Aaron, be it rockabilly, rock, ska, rocksteady, straight up reggae or even some exploratory jam that happened after a few more beers and a shot I think... things got blurry near the end of the night but it was a hell of a jam!  Anyways, here are some shots of the guys performing at Tower 2!  Check out their facebook page and give them a like as well!

Live at Tower 2 - Ocean Beach, CA

Whiskey Avengers - High All The Time   

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Get you some Merchandise!!

     So after a couple years I managed to find the password for my spreadshirts account and decided to make shirts and other accessories from the flyers I've made the past couple years.  You can check out my shop below and order some one of a kind t-shirts from Radio la Chusma and other images coming soon! 



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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Liquid Cheese - BSFF

Special thanks to Pablo Taylor for getting some great audio off the board and the room, I mixed this from my video camera audio and well here ya go!


Click here to hear and download the full set from April 25, 2013.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Radio la Chusma - Frontera Reggae Tour

El Paso's own Radio la Chusma is hitting the road again October 9-19th.  They'll be going through Northern New Mexico and Colorado before ending their run in Alpine, TX.  This will be the second time they've headed through Salida, Pueblo and will be performing impromptu open mics in the Denver Area October 13-14th.  So far Ziggy's Blues Bar and The Next Door Lounge are planned for a Chusma invasion!

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