Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hub City Stompers at Lips Lounge - El Paso, TX

     Last week I had the pleasure of checking out HCS lot of great local acts opened up the night Dub Cartel, whose got a new 2 song EP in the works started off the night with some Reggae/Rock they're up and coming and looking forward to seeing them spread their fan base and getting bigger shows.   The Ironsides & Rusty Bishops brought some punk infused craziness and got the crowd pumped and moshing, brought me back to my younger days when I used to jump in there and go ape shit (now I just hang at the bar and drink and reminese on my younger days) Second Class Citizens from Las Cruces, NM were up next and brought with them some 3rd wave ska/punk music with a 3 piece horn section and did a great performance. 

     So closing off the night were Hub City Stompers from New Jersey, IF you haven't heard of them then you should look at some of the youtube clips I'm about to post below and sit back and kick yourself in the ass for not coming out to Lips last week! They play a mix of skinhead reggae, punk, with a touch of traditional ska mixed in very well.  My friend Sammy who I met last year when I brought in The Forthrights & Maddie Ruthless was playing keys with HCS we caught up on the joys of touring and how the reggae/ska touring circuit is a small world of friends of friends and we're all pretty cool to hang with, I digress though, HCS fuckin' KILLED it, for a Thursday night in El Paso it was a decent crowd and I'm sure next time they come through they'll have a larger crowd (hopefully it won't be in another 5 years). Anyways it was great hanging out with these guys & girl drinking Lonestar’s in the back patio.  Mad respect to Dead Girls Booking for bring them out and keeping the scene alive!

     Here’s some video’s and pictures from the show.  Should have some video's uploaded to my channel in the next couple of days so be sure to subscribe!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Reggae Cumbia Dance Party @ The Network

This past Wednesday Radio la Chusma, Cumbia Machin & DJ Birth Defects played at The Network in Downtown El Paso.  Such a great turn out for a Wednesday and for a up and coming bar!  The Network, 317 E. Mills, used to be called La Catrina (right next to Leo's Mexican Restaurant) it's got a really chill vibe, good drink prices and some pretty hot ladies working behind the bar!


we packed the house and played way into the morning and that's when EPPD had to come in and break things up and close some streets off due to the amount of people still having a good time and cash in on some DUI's.  Hopefully there wasn't too many people that got behind the wheel drunk!

317 E. Mills Ave. El Paso, TX
view more pictures here!