Friday, May 25, 2012

Reggae Cumbia Dance Party @ The Network

This past Wednesday Radio la Chusma, Cumbia Machin & DJ Birth Defects played at The Network in Downtown El Paso.  Such a great turn out for a Wednesday and for a up and coming bar!  The Network, 317 E. Mills, used to be called La Catrina (right next to Leo's Mexican Restaurant) it's got a really chill vibe, good drink prices and some pretty hot ladies working behind the bar!


we packed the house and played way into the morning and that's when EPPD had to come in and break things up and close some streets off due to the amount of people still having a good time and cash in on some DUI's.  Hopefully there wasn't too many people that got behind the wheel drunk!

317 E. Mills Ave. El Paso, TX
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