Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chuco Town Rockers - Bob Marley Tribute 4/20/2012

This post is pretty late in coming BUT decided it's about time to write it!

I've had the great pleasure of playing with some of El Paso's best musicians these past couple months, in preparation for a tribute to Bob Marley on 4/20.  This show is benefiting Casa Hogar in Ciudad Juarez as well as Lee Moore Children's Housing in El Paso on top of helping kids in Juarez/El Paso it'll benefiting the El Paso Food Bank!

Rehearsals have been at the old Brewhouse off Stevens St. in Central EP, we have members of Radio La Chusma, Fixed Idea, Dub Cartel, Mexklan, All That Bleeds, Aftermath, The Hypocrite Orchestra, Annette Rios & Cynthia Gutierrez on flute.  It's a privilege to be able to play with such diverse musicians from Reggae to Heavy Metal and everyone groove musically and play some truly inspiring music! I took some cell videos of some of our rehearsals you can view below and the show is TOMORROW! I think there will be some professional photographers as well as videographers filming it so can't wait to see how that turns out!

Final Rehearsal before the show!

Annette Rio's killin' it

Selina Nevarez & Annette Rio's

Selina layin' down the cumbia beat

Ruben from Dub Cartel, J from Chusma & Little Bear from Aftermath messin' around with some Beatles