Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fortunate Youth & Sand Section July 18th - The Percolator

This one pretty much writes itself because they sent me biographical information! This is going to be a great show some awesome SoCal reggae hits Chuco Town!

Reggae music that gets every music fan to their feet. Providing a new style of Roots music combining multiple harmonies and boisterous solos separates Fortunate Youth from other reggae bands. Positive stage presence and their high-energy approach ensures an unforgettable experience.

Fortunate Youth is a collaboration of South Bay reggae stand-outs. Coming from various bands, they've created a phenomenal 7 piece bringing more fire to the stage than ever before. Combining rootsy vibes and heavy bass lines united with multiple harmonies and boisterous solos, separates Fortunate Youth from every other mainstream reggae band. With their high energy approach and positive stage presence they provide an unforgettable show to every music fan. Also providing instrumentals on extreme sports video games, Surf films, tv and radio commercials to recording full length albums. They have played with bands such as Groundation, The Abyssinians, Tribal Seeds, Sashamon, and Passafire.
Band Description:

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Atom Age

The Atom Age from Berkeley, CA will be coming into town July 8-9!

July 8 - The Greenroom 3000 N. Harrelson Las Cruces, NM - Local Reggae/Rock band Blaze The Nation and Hadron Collider will be performing as well!

July 9 - The Garage Tequila Bar 4025 N. Mesa, El Paso, TX - Ribo Flavin' (Funk/Hip Hop) will be  headlining and new punk rock band from Las Cruces NM Bad Brand of Justice will be opening up the night.  Also this is a free show on a Saturday Night!

If you haven't heard The Atom Age you'll dig their live show or just hit up Youtube and check out some of their clips!  They just did the Asian Man 15 year Anniversary show in San Francisco with Alkaline Trio, Mike Park, MU330, Buck-O-Nine, The Queers & a shit ton of other bands!  So it's a real "treat" that they're coming through the area and I highly recommend checking them out :)

Short & Sweet blog entry cause I like to keep it simple on Sunday nights after a weekend of partying!

July 8th in Las Cruces, NM

July 9th in El Paso, TX

can you tell I used the same template?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Buenos Dias

What's up,  

First post on here so I'll keep it short and detailed as possible!  I've been playing music in El Paso/Las Cruces for 10+ years and have toured with many great bands Liquid Cheese, Radio La Chusma, Crazy Fool to name a few of the bands I've had the pleasure of playing with.  It's tough playing and touring especially from the SW where you have El Paso, TX then a 45 minute drive to Las Cruces, NM then BAM! that's it! Next major city is Albuquerque, NM (3 hrs away) or Tucson (5 hr) or Austin (8+ hrs!) we're kinda stuck (Well we do have Juarez, MX but with that drug war it's not the safest place to be at night)  So I've been thinking this up for quite some time to start up a circuit around El Paso/Las Cruces that will bring in musicians on weekdays and also encourage them to bypass playing "bigger" cities and playing weekend shows here!

So if you're influenced by the same music I am into Reggae/Rocksteady/Ska/Punk all offshoots of Ska music really I'd like to help you out with booking shows in EP/LC or even hooking you up with friends and venues in Burque, Santa Fe, Taos, Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix, Tucson, Tempe, this is getting long so California, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, New York & Florida! 

Hit me up on Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter, Myspace* J/K or on here through email and what not and I'd like to help you book a tour through my barrio!