Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fixed Idea's 20 Year Anniversary Show - Part 1

This past weekend was Fixed Idea's 20 year anniversary show at Tricky Falls.  I posted up a few photos on my facebook page that you can check out if you like.  I'll do a brief summary of the show because I only remember bits n' pieces of it (tequila is a helluva drug).

Mexklan opened the night with some great ska/rocksteady/jazz fusion mixed into their set.  The majority of their members played in Fixed Idea from 2000-2010 (Jaime/Bass, Rick/Drums, Mario/Keys, Maribel/Sax, Matt/Trumpet with addition of Louie/Guitar) Horn section is tight as hell and Louie murders it on guitar.  Jaime & Rick are probably the best rhythm section in the city hands down and Mario can throw some reggae bubbles like the best of them.

Radio la Chusma came up afterwards and with a few minor line up changes, David was in California with his family most notably the absence of Selina Nevarez, who left after 5 great years in RLC.  Set was energetic had the crowd dancing and played the Chusma Standards, Cumbia de Maracumbe, Rasta Mexica & of course Crusin'.  Didn't take any footage of the set because (hint I play trombone in Chusma) SOOO hopefully we get to see some photos and videos soon!

Fixed Idea was in full force with over 20 people on stage throughout their set and playing all the classics which are too many to name but they put on a hell of a show lot of familiar faces on stage and by that point into their 4th song I was a few lone stars and tequila shots in and things got hazy BUT I did manage to take a few video's SO ENJOY :)